Agape is not just for women. We provide straight-forward education to men for options in unexpected pregnancies to enable men to support their partner in the decision you make together. As a man, you are the strongest, most supportive voice for your partner in your pregnancy decision. While pregnancy and child birth are often mysteries for men, we are here to give you a solid understanding of your options and how you and your partner can make the best choice.

Couples are able to come into the center for free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds. In the same visit dad can sit down with a trained volunteer coach and go through the three options in detail. While you as dad aren’t the one going through all the physical and emotional changes, your partner is depending on you for support and encouragement. In your visit you’ll learn about pregnancy. You’ll also learn about options and the immediate as well as long-term impact or each one on her life and yours as well.

No man ever feels equipped or prepared for an unplanned pregnancy. Our REAL Men Services also provide support and encouragement throughout your decision-making process through consulting visits that may include manhood discussions, conflict resolution methods, communication techniques, and practical guidance for other relationship issues or concerns.

We also provide parenting support and training classes. When dads get involved right from the start in the lives of their kids, they affect their child’s health for a lifetime. Our Dr. Dad class is one-of-a-kind practical course that equips me to care for their pregnant partners and learn the basics of infant-toddler health, safety, and welfare. If you are a new or expectant dad, this is for you!

Before you make your decision, schedule an appointment with a REAL Men coach and get the facts and support you need for an informed decision.