Think she’s pregnant? Get the answers you need today. Agape Pregnancy Resource Center offers free lab quality pregnancy testing and confirmation ultrasound exams in Round Rock, Texas. Find out for sure if she is pregnant before making any firm decisions. Encourage your partner to request an appointment today.

Pregnancy Consultation in Round Rock, Texas:

Find out for sure if she’s really pregnant. We offer pregnancy tests and options consultations. Our staff will determine next steps, such as an ultrasound exam, and the best time to schedule that procedure. An ultrasound can confirm if she is carrying a viable pregnancy and can give an estimate of pregnancy dating. This is valuable information as you consider her pregnancy options together.

A pregnancy confirmation ultrasound can answer three major questions:

  • Is the pregnancy in the uterus?
  • How far along is she?
  • Is there a fetal heartbeat?

This information is critical regardless of what options you both may be considering. Tell her you want to join her during her ultrasound appointment.