That little pink plus sign is so unholy. – Juno (2007)

Oh crap.  You’ve just looked at the calendar and realized your period is late.  By at least a week.  

This is the worst.  You are so not looking to be pregnant right now.  Babies are cute and all. But this is not part of your plan.  

You remember a friend told you about an abortion pill you could take… Plan B was it? … must be taken within 48 hours of sex…  yeah about that… What’s Plan C?

Plan C, more often referred to as the Abortion Pill, can be taken up to 10 weeks after the start of your last period.  It is actually 2 medications taken a day or two apart. The first is Mifeprex which blocks the hormone progesterone which is necessary for the pregnancy to continue.  The second is Mifipristone, which causes cramping and causes your uterus to empty. For more detailed information you can visit our fact page here.

The Abortion Pill is one option available to you.  But it is not your only option. Make an appointment to see us today to learn what might be behind doors 2 and 3.  Come to any of our locations to confirm your pregnancy, find out how far along you really are, and speak to an advocate and a nurse to get medically sound information about ALL of your options and the support available to you.